2017/18 Summer Information

A New Player’s Guide to Summer Competition

What is the Summer Competition?

The IHV Summer Competition is designed for new and experienced players alike. It’s perfect for new players to be introduced to competitive, team based hockey. It runs from October to March each year with teams competing over 5 divisions.

Who are the clubs?

The Blackhawks Ice Hockey Club was formed in 1947 and played at the famed St Moritz rink in St. Kilda. The club has a storied history as one of Victoria’s oldest club and has featured many major names of the game who have represented Victoria and Australia . over the years, including at the Squaw Valley Olympics in 1960s.




A club established in 1997, the Braves Ice Hockey Club continues to play ice hockey at both O’Brien Group Arena and the Olympic Ice Rink. The Braves compete in all divisions in both summer and winter competitions and are coming off a highly successful summer 2015/16 season, winning two division titles.


The Demons have had a long and rich history in Victorian Ice Hockey. Evolving from the post-war training sessions at St. Moritz in 1945 and forming as `Eastern Suburbs` in 1946 then re-naming as the Demons Ice Hockey Club in 1947. and have remained a foundation club ever since. Throughout their history, the Demons have had some remarkably talented players in the history and strive to be competitive every time they hit the ice.


Melbourne Jets Ice Hockey Club was formed from the Hakoah Ice Hockey Club was founded in 955, but its roots go back even further to the Raiders Ice Hockey Club formed in Melbourne in 1950. This club was a new home for the wave of European players who immigrated after the war, some of whom were highly skilled at both hockey and soccer.




Established in 2010, the Melbourne Ice Wolves were made up of players who had graduated from the Hockey School programs offered by the then named Medibank Icehouse. Upon graduating they wanted more and banded together to enter the 2010 IHV Summer League competition. Melbourne Ice Wolves are committed to providing an opportunity for the recruitment and development of ice hockey players in Victoria at all levels of play while promoting a fun, dedicated team environment.

The Saints Monarchs Ice Hockey Club was established in 1947. From their humble beginnings at St Moritz Ice Rink in St Kilda through to the present day at the O’Brien Group Arena, we have been developing hockey players for over 50 years. The club consists of many players of all skill levels that play on a variety of teams.



Sharks Ice Hockey Club was formed in 1997. The club started playing out of the Ringwood rink until it closed down in 2003 before moving to the Bayswater rink before eventually moving to the O’Brien Group Arena when it opened in 2010. Fielding teams in most divisions, Sharks strive to provide a great atmosphere while also aiming for the top.

Now  I know the clubs, how do i Join?

  1. Get in touch with the club’s summer coordinator. Each club has one listed below.
  2. Give them your name, contact number, email and some details about your hockey skills.
  3. The summer coordinator will give you information about any upcoming try outs or skate sessions to get to know the club.
  4. If the club has room for your skill level, the club will give you further information around registration, fees, training and season schedule.

Helpful tips and information

Want to increase your chances of getting on a team? Want to know what to expect? Here’s some insider tips on how to make your preparation for summer competition much less stressful for you and the club you are preparing to join. Follow these and you’re sure to impress.

Keep in touch with your club coordinator.

Communication is vital. With many new players entering it’s good to know who is definitely available to play from a club side as we do understand circumstances do change due to travel, injury and other factors. If you keep in contact, you are more likely to know information about the upcoming season as it comes to hand

Try to only apply to one club at a time.

Nearly all clubs do have room for new players or know very early that they do not have room. Clubs often have players seem pledged to one club only to have them disappear last minute to another, leaving teams potentially short on players. It’s natural to want to increase your chances of playing but nearly all clubs can accomodate. You will play hockey if you show interest in even a single club.

… if you do apply for multiple clubs…

Let all the summer coordinators of the clubs you are dealing with know. Be sure to communicate, communicate, communicate! If you have selected another club, thank the other clubs for the opportunity and inform them you have found a club. This helps manage numbers and reduces headaches.

SChedule comes after confirmed teams.

A finalised schedule with exact dates can only be done once we know how many teams we have entering the competition. We have draft schedules based on projects – but it’s just a draft. People and families come and go from the sport and this effects our numbers. Your summer coordinator will provide you with a schedule and any updates as soon as they have them. Don’t panic! It’s being done.

Have fun and get involved!

Everyone in your club is a volunteer and many have only been playing a few years. They will be full of great advice and are keen to spread any knowledge to the next generation of their clubs hockey players. Get involved in your club and IHV so we can keep growing the sport and moving towards bigger and better things!

club contact information


Email: summer@blackhawkshockey.org.au

Website: www.blackhawkshockey.org.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ihvblackhawkshockey/


Email: jess.kirwin@bravesicehockey.org.au

Website: www.bravesicehockey.org.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BravesHockey/


Email: summer@demonsihc.org.au

Website: www.demonsihc.org.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Demons-Ice-Hockey-Club/


Email: summer@melbournejets.com.au

Website: www.melbournejets.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MelbourneJets/

Ice Wolves

Email: summer@miwhockey.com

Website: www.miwhockey.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/melbourneicewolves/

Saints Monarchs

Email: summer@saintsicehockeyvictoria.com

Website: www.saintsicehockeyvictoria.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SaintsMonarchsIceHockeyClubOfficial/


Email: parsons.brendan@gmail.com

Website: www.freeteams.com/SharksIceHockey/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SharksIceHockeyClub/

Ice Hockey Victoria

Still need some more information or guidance? Get in contact with us at inquiries@ihv.org.au, visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/IceHockeyVictoria/ or browse to www.ihv.org.au.