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Round 2 Summer 17/18

Round 2 is under way, with two teams in action tonight! Games for this week are listed below.

A mixed bunch of results in Round 1 with Sharks Div 1, Tigersharks, Makos & Streetsharks all taking the wins. Match reports for all teams are due to follow after Round 2 as part of our revamped Sharks newsletter. Hope we get a few more wins this week, lets go Sharks!

Thursday 26th October
Makos (Div 3) vs Apaches
8pm OBGA (Makos leading 1-0 as at time of posting)

Icebreakers (Div3) vs Demons 3
10.30pm OBGA

Friday 27th October
Bullsharks (Div 4) vs Ice Wolves 3
9.15pm OBGA

Saturday 28th October
Streetsharks (Div5) vs Demons 5
1.15pm OBGA

Sharks (Div1) vs Hellas
8.30pm OBGA

Sunday 29th October
Tigersharks (Div2) vs Jets Potatoes
3.30pm OBGA

Round 1 Summer 2017/18

It’s finally here, Round 1 of Summer 2017/2018 is kicking off this week!
The club starts off with a super Saturday smorgasbord of hockey, with 4 of our teams in action! If you have some spare time this weekend, get down to the rink and see the girls and boys in action! Schedule is as follows:

Saturday 21st October

Makos (Div 3) vs Demons 3
1.15pm OBGA

Icebreakers (Div3) vs Jets Black
2.30pm OBGA

Tigersharks (Div2) vs Demons 2
5pm OBGA

Sharks (Div1) vs Demons 1
6.45pm Oakleigh

Sunday 22nd October

Bullsharks (Div 4) vs Jets Spuds
2.30pm OBGA

Monday 23rd October

Streetsharks (Div5) vs Saints 5
7.30pm OBGA

Good luck to all teams, here’s hoping for a clean sweep to start a great season!

Melbourn Ice Women’s Hockey Team Goaltender

One of our super talented female players, Tara Woods, has made the Melbourne Ice Women’s team this year! She will be blocking a ton of pucks in net, hopefully backstopping them to another AWIHL championship!
As you may or may not know, it is really quite expensive to play with the Melbourne Ice, with all the travel required for the games. So Tara is looking for any wonderful people to sponsor her, any amount whether it be large or small would go a long way. If anyone wishes to donate, please email her at
Let’s get behind her and help her to have a wonderful season!