The Sharks are an Ice Hockey Club based in Melbourne Victoria.

We formed in 1997.

We started playing out of the Ringwood rink until it closed down in 2003, then went on to play out of the Bayswater rink for the 12 months it was open until it closed in 2004. When the Docklands rink opened in 2010, it gave Victoria two ice rinks along with Oakleigh, we moved on to start playing there.

IHV changed the format for the competition in 2008 to be Premier A, Premier Reserve, Premier C. In 2010 IHV introduced the Rec C competition.

The Sharks are represented in all levels of Winter competition, having teams in Premier A, Premier Reserve, Premier C1 and Premier C2.

Our first Senior A premiership was in 2004, the merged Tigers team won the premiership in the Premier A division in 2010 and 2013, Premier reserve won the premierships in 2008, 2009 and 2011. The club also had many junior premierships when the club ran there own junior teams from junior C up to junior A.