Round 1 Summer 2017/18

It’s finally here, Round 1 of Summer 2017/2018 is kicking off this week!
The club starts off with a super Saturday smorgasbord of hockey, with 4 of our teams in action! If you have some spare time this weekend, get down to the rink and see the girls and boys in action! Schedule is as follows:

Saturday 21st October

Makos (Div 3) vs Demons 3
1.15pm OBGA

Icebreakers (Div3) vs Jets Black
2.30pm OBGA

Tigersharks (Div2) vs Demons 2
5pm OBGA

Sharks (Div1) vs Demons 1
6.45pm Oakleigh

Sunday 22nd October

Bullsharks (Div 4) vs Jets Spuds
2.30pm OBGA

Monday 23rd October

Streetsharks (Div5) vs Saints 5
7.30pm OBGA

Good luck to all teams, here’s hoping for a clean sweep to start a great season!

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