Month: May 2016

Second Draft Results

On Monday IHV held a second draft. The Sharks Ice Hockey Club would like to welcome the new members to the club that were selected.

Checking Draft
Vaughan Marks
Josh Quinn
Matthew Purdon
Liam Woodland

Non-Checking Draft
Alice Coates
Joel Van De Ven-Long

It’s that time of the year folks!

Hockey season is back tomorrow night and this marks a special season for the Sharks Ice Hockey Club as we kick off our 20th season, and we have a full weekend of Senior Sharks Ice Hockey for those that want it, with the first round for all of our teams.

Friday April 29 @ Docklands 9pm Sharks vs Jets (Prem A) 
Saturday April 30 @ Docklands 8:30pm Sharks vs Jets (Prem Reserve)
Sunday May 1 @ Oakleigh 8pm Sharks vs Jets (Prem C1)
Monday May 2 @ Docklands 8:45pm Sharks vs Jets (Prem C2) 

It seems that we have been a little behind with our Junior team updates as well as our U21 Tier 1 Bombers team has already played 2 rounds, however they play round 3 this weekend as well, and our U21 Tier 2 Bombers team play their round 1 this weekend.

Saturday April 30 @ Docklands 1:15pm U21 Tier 1 round robin
Sunday May 1 @ Docklands 1:15pm U21 Tier 2 round robin

We will do what we can to get you updates of each game once completed.

Hopefully we can get some supporters down to the rink over this weekend to cheer on the teams as they start the regular season.