Minor Hockey League

Young players can sign up for Minor League hockey during the winter season in 3 different age categories,

Pee Wee – For players under 12 REGISTER NOW

Bantam – For players under 15 REGISTER NOW

Midget – For players born under 18 REGISTER NOW


Venue: ​​Ice HQ Reservoir
Date:​​ Sunday March 24
Ice Times:
5:15-6:15pm ​Peewee (All players/goalies under 12)
​​6:30-7:30pm ​Bantam (All players/goalies under 15)
​​7:45-8:45pm ​Midget (All players/goalies under 18 before September 30)

Registration:​ Please be there 45 minutes before the ice session

Equipment: ​Full playing equipment and a numbered jersey (with last name preferred)

These evaluation sessions are for player assessment and grading purposes to assign players to the appropriate program level and ‘House’ Team within the Minor Hockey League (MHL). It is also an opportunity to gain insight and perspective for the direction and shape the seasonal training program needs to take.

Post evaluation the coaching council will meet to determine player allocations.

Registering for the Evaluations

By registering before the evaluation session, you are indicating an intent to participate in the 2019 MHL season, and as an IHV member the evaluation is free of charge. This registration is not only membership and insurance it includes your first player installment. Proof of registration is required.

If you do not register with IHV before the evaluation session either because you are new to IHV from one of the Novice programs or outside the state, or have elected not to register, there is a $25 fee payable at the evaluation before participating that is non-refundable even if you register with IHV after the evaluation.
• IHV Registered Participant​Free of charge
• Non-Registered Participant ​$25 non-refundable