Ice Hockey Victoria’s Learn to Skate Program is designed for junior beginners to learn to play ice hockey and acquire the games’ basic skills in an enjoyable structured environment. It enables participants to become contributing members of a team and develops self-confidence and sense of personal achievement. Learn to Skate program realises the necessity of introducing youngsters to ice hockey in a responsible and controlled manner and has adopted the Initiation Program as its foundation for its structure.

The established objectives are as follows:

  • To learn the basic skills required to play the game of ice hockey
  • To develop an understanding of basic team work through participation in instructed activities and adapted game like situations
  • To have fun while enjoying ice hockey and physical activity
  • To refine basic motor patterns
  • To be introduced to concepts of co-operative play and sportsmanship

The first class of the Learn To Skate program runs every Tuesday from April 12th – September 20th.

Aimed at ages between 4 – 14 years old but some as young as 3 could start the program and students under 16 years of age could also be suited for the program

The price is $20 per session for IHV registered players, payment is payable on the day.
For those needing to register, please follow the link below to sign up today (registration is $71.50) :

Ice Hockey Victoria have a unique program especially for boys and girls targeted at ages from 4 to 14 years of age. Everyone junior is welcome to attend the sessions where qualified and experienced coaches teach you the basics of ice skating, stopping, passing, shooting and safety.