If you want to start your journey into the rewarding position of coaching, it begins with obtaining coaching accreditation though courses held each year.

Level 1 – This is where you begin. In this 2 year coaching accreditation, you will learn the basics of coaching and this will allow you to begin your journey into coaching. Once completed this 2 day course you will be required to keep an accurate log of your coaching activities in an approved form which is signed off by the Ice Hockey Victoria Coaching Director. You will be required to earn 20 coaching points in this 2 year period, which you earn based on the level of play you are coaching as well as whether you are a Head Coach or Assistant Coach. A list of this points scheme is made available and explained during the Level 1 Coaching Course course and is aimed at encouraging coaches to keep active and refining their skills. Register now.

As the Level 1 course is a 2 year accreditation, you will be required to do a refresher course to maintain your active coaching status within the 2 year period. The refresher course is for currently active coaches and takes place on the 2nd day of the Level 1 Coaching Course and is free. You will sign up using a different registration link Register now.