Month: March 2016

2016 Winter Draft Skate

The Winter Draft skates have now been announced. It will be held on the 22nd March at 8PM for checking divisions (Prem A and Prem Reserve) and 9.15PM for non-checking divisions (Premier C1 and Premier C2). It will be hosted at O’Brien Group Arena. The Winter Draft consists of two main components – a skills component that is determined through drills and a game play component determined by a small scrimmage.

When completing the survey that placed you on this mail out there were a number of questions asked. These answers have been provided to each club to give them an idea of who is coming, how many are looking to join each division and what the skills level of each player is roughly expected to be. This information saves time and is very much appreciated by the clubs.

The process on the night will be as follows:

  • Attendance will be taken upon arrival (There is a link below to pre-register before the night. This will assist us in keeping things flowing quickly)
  • Checking draft skate starts at 8PM sharp. You are expected to be signed in, in hockey gear and ready to hit the ice at this stage.
  • The coaches of the session will lead you through drills and a scrimmage
  • Representatives from each club will observe the session to guide them in the draft selection process.
  • The session will end at 9.00PM for an ice cut before the next session.

Once that session is ended, the non-checking draft will begin at 9.15PM. If you aren’t confident of your ability to play checking divisions or simply want to potentially increase your options, you can also participate in the non-checking draft.

  • Once again, attendance taken on arrival using the link below.
  • Non-Checking draft skate starts at 9.15PM sharp. You must be ready to step on the ice at this time.
  • Coaches will lead drills and scrimmage while club officials observe.
  • Session end at 10.15PM

Before you attend the winter draft there are two processes you must complete.

  • IHA/IHVRegistration
    • Registration covers your IHA and IHV insurance while on the ice and is mandatory for all participants. This registration will last for 12 months and is needed for all endorsed competitions. If you have previously completed a summer league registration you MUST complete this as summer league registration is not valid for Winter.
    • Registration can be completed by browsing to and completing the registration for a Unaligned/Unassigned Senior Player.
    • You will get issued a receipt via email. Please keep this for your records.
  • Draft Skate registration
    • We require some information in order to identify you on the night – Name, Division, Intended jersey colour and Intended jersey number.
    • This will be provided to all officials to assist them in the drafting process. Please complete this form before attending in order to help things run smoothly.
    • This can be found at

The actual winter draft will be held on the 29th March at 8PM. This is a club official only event. The clubs will contact the players they have drafted in the days after the draft using the information originally provided in the survey.