Ice Hockey Australia

Ice Hockey Australia (Australian Ice Hockey Federation Incorporated) has six state member ice hockey associations and is the recognised governing body for ice hockey in Australia. IHA is affiliated with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), and Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), and is an active member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

Ice Hockey Australia is managed and governed through three distinct levels to which nominated persons are either elected or appointed to the position as per the procedures and processes in IHA’s Constitution:

1. President – Clive Connelly (VIC)
2. Vice President – Andrew McDowell (VIC)
3. Secretary – Jim Dee (QLD)
4. Treasurer – Ken Lambert (NSW)

1. ACT – Allan McLean (President)
2. NSW – Steve Ransome (President)
3. QLD – Con Dionissiou (President)
4. SA – Steve Newbound. (President)
5. VIC – Warren Porter (President)
6. WA – Paul McCann (President)
7. OiHAN – Don Reddish (President)

Portfoilo Directors
1. Player Development Director – Ryan O’Handley (SA)
2. Coaching Development Director – Mark Stephenson (NSW)
3. Referee-in-Chief – Allan Wishewan (ACT)
4. Chief Medical Officer – Dr Rob Reid (ACT)
5. Marketing & Promotions – Vacant
6. Women’s Development Director – Rocky Padjen (ACT)
7. Judiciary Director – Jimmy Dufour (NSW)
8. Member Protection & Grievance Officer –
9. National Championship Director – Norm McLeod (QLD)
10. Public Officer – Rocky Padjen (ACT)

Ice Sports Victoria

The elegance of figure skating…the rush of speed skating…the action of ice hockey…the strategy of curling.

Ice Sports Victoria aims is to make participation in ice sports accessible for all.

Ice Sports Victoria is the peak body that brings together the state sporting associations for Ice Hockey, Curling, Figure Skating and Speed Skating. Our purpose is to assist the growth of these sports in Victoria, by providing funding, coordination, and development assistance to our clubs and associations.

We believe in the social and health benefits of participation in Ice Sports. We think Ice Sports are cool!